Friday, April 16, 2010

[Community Remix Project] Almost Free - NO MORE SUBMISSIONS

Remix / Redo /Sample / Re-edit - Almost Free
So, elaborating on the last post with the drunken track, I mentioned if anyone wanted to remix or redo the song. I have already received a couple really great versions of the song, which has propelled me to make this a bigger project. I have exported the stems/loops in WAVs for anyone to use, sample, etc.

This is just a fun project--so don't worry about legalities or weird shit like that. The only thing I ask is that I can post your remix or re-do here and share it as a free download as well. I think it would be fun to see what direction people will choose to take. Also, if you flip it nice I think it would be a good look for you :)

Here's the loop package/stems (BPM is 84):



Note: I left the stems mostly dry, except the minor delay/reverb that was on the rhodes when I was recording--can't take that off... sorry.

Email meyour finished project--I'd really like to hear & share it. SUBMISSION PORTION IS OVER

So... I was thinking that I should have a prize or some incentive, so I thought about what I could offer to other beat makers. Well, I'm doing mixes for Gilles Peterson Worldwide (gets syndicated in 12 countries worldwide), a podcast mix for (URB Magazine), and a mix for feature in Big Up Magazine. The top 3 or so that I think is really special could end up in one of each of the mixes. 1st place can choose which of the three, 2nd place can choose which of the remaining two, and 3rd gets the remaining.

Sounds cool right? The only thing is that I need the songs before Monday to be able to include in the mixes. That doesn't mean you can't keep working on the tunes--I'll still post them up. Maybe I'll do my own little free release that has all the tracks people submit, but even that will need a deadline too; I say April 25th.

Okayokay, the the bottom line is:
need submissions by Sunday night in order to be considered for the URB / Big Up / Gilles Peterson mix & need all submissions for my site by the 25th.




Danny said...

This jam sounds way rad! Diggin the minimal soulful vibe. Can't make the deadline tomorrow but definitely shall try for the 25th.

So What ?Di Khrap said...
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